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Rainscreen Panel System

The rainscreen design is generally defined by the separation of cladding from a structural wall in an effort to manage moisture and energy transfer through a wall assembly.

A rainscreen typically consists of the following components:

  • Exterior cladding (with or without open joints)

  • Ventilation and drainage cavity

  • Insulation

  • Air barrier

  • Structure of building

The key to a properly designed rain screen wall system is to control and manage nature’s elements, like rain driven water Infiltration and negative wind pressures. It is almost inevitable that, at some point, moisture will bypass the exterior cladding of a wall assembly.

A rainscreen system is designed to allow the remaining components of the wall assembly to effectively manage this moisture, along with the other elements, to provide a long-lasting, energy efficient, high-performance wall system.


The SMF-FUSION PANEL SYSTEM is a high performance exterior composite panel cladding system designed to control the impact of wind driven rain on exterior walls.The system utilizes a perimeter extrusion attachment system that combines the drained back ventilated Rainscreen Cladding Systems design that limits direct entry, prevents capillary action, manages cavity drainage correctly as it sheds and restrains the penetration of wind driven rain.

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