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Specialized Metal Fabricators offers a wide range of custom architectural metal brake metal to help you complete your projects – from Z girts and supports for framing, finished window sills, flashings, and complex perimeter profiles. 


Our brake metal division houses state of the art machinery that allows us to reproduce complex profiles with high precision and high efficiency. We at Specialized Metal Fabricators Inc. understand that the processes for fabricating sheet metal is continually changing and, in order to keep up, periodically invest in new equipment to increase efficiency, product quality, reduce costs and provide new services for our clients. 


Specialized Metal Fabricators Inc., knows the importance accuracy, all our brake metal is fabricated exactly as per customer drawings whether they are hand sketches or CAD files, our engineering team are able to convert these to fabricate exactly what you need.  


Quality Control plays an extremely important role in the fabrication process, high quality standards require consistent monitoring though out the fabrication process until the product is completed, which means ensuring true angles are obtained, no matter what the part length and making sure there are no scratches to pre-finished parts. We take every measure to ensure that the final part that our customer receives, is delivered in perfect condition. 


Material that we stock and are able to fabricate include the following: 


    • Mill Finish (Available in varying thickness) 

    • Pre-Painted Finish (Available in varying thickness) 

    • Anodized Finish (Available in varying thickness)

    • 2B Stainless (Available in varying thickness) 

    • #4 Brushed Stainless Steel (Available in varying thickness) 

    • #8 Polished Stainless Steel (Available in varying thickness) 

    • Hot Rolled Stainless Steel (Available in varying thickness)

    • G90 Prime Galvanized Steel (Available in varying thickness)

    • Cold Rolled Steel (Available in varying thickness) 

    • Hot Rolled Steel (Available in varying thickness) 

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