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Back pans are metal sheets or pans, usually formed from galvanized steel, they are attached and sealed to the curtain wall framing around the perimeter behind opaque areas of a curtain wall. In colder climates insulation is installed between the back pan and the spandrel glass or metal shadow box and this usually helps mitigate the dew point and allows the backpans to act as an air vapour barrier in a curtainwall system.


We Fabricate various styles of backpans to suite out clients needs. 

​The major factors that determine the design are: ​

  • R Value the Client is trying to meet

    • Backpans are generally insulated with a semi rigid mineral wool which has an R value of 4.2/in​

    • Backpans can be made in depths ranging from 3/4" to 8"

  • The thickness and size of the sheet metal to be used

    • Generally, backpans are made from 22 Gauge G90 Prime Galvanized steel but can be made in any thickness ranging from 22 Gauge to 16 Gauge​.

    • Oversized backapans are designed in modular units with integrated stiffeners that are spot welded together.  

  • The type on insulation to be used

    • The backpans can be insulated with various densities of Roxul Curtain Rock depending on the clients’ requirements. The available densities are as follows

      • Curtain Rock 40 – 4 PCF

      • Curtain Rock 60 – 6 PCF

      • Curtain Rock 80​ – 8 PCF

    • The backpans can also be insulated with Foil Faced insulation and Cavity Rock

  • Profiles of the backpans

    • See attached link for Backpan Profiles ​

All backpans are brake formed to the exact dimensions provided by the clients on our high precision CNC Brakepresses.  The corners of all of the backpans are spot welded and sealed with silicone to ensure water tightness. The insulation is held down by cup head pins, resistance welded to the backpans to ensure the insulation does not move around.

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