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Preformed Plate Panels are used in a similar fashion to Aluminum Composite Panels but instead of using ACM, they are replaced with solid metal plates that are then fabricated to the custom sizes required on a per project basis. The versatility in these plate panels allows them to be installed using a wet joint caulked system, a dry joint system with exposed fasteners, a dry joint rain screen system using perimeter extrusions or they can be glazed directly into the curtain wall framing, thus making them an excellent choice for exterior wall cladding.


The advantages of plate panels over ACM panels is  that they are made of solid metal  allowing them to be formed into complex shapes whilst still maintaining the strength and can typically be made into larger modules before requiring reinforcement. These panels are also weld stable that means that can be welded to avoid seams that would otherwise be visible. 


Typically Plate Panels are made from aluminum, but are not limited to aluminum, they can be formed from almost any metal – including stainless steel, brass, copper and zinc. The advantage of Aluminum Panels is the choice of colors and the ability to take advantage of lower costs of painting when it comes to low volume custom painted panel runs - the panels are typically post painted once all fabrication is complete. We have partnered with various architectural panel coaters that are able to paint match almost any colour and can provide up to 30 year finish warranties. 

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